Wednesday 18 March 2009

out of place animals-blue pheasant spotted in England

A Lincolnshire amateur ornithologist saw a flash of blue in his garden he couldn't believe his eyes.Mike Lake, from Saxilby, managed to take a picture of the bright blue male pheasant as it strutted about in his back garden."It's clearly living wild but it's been visiting for a couple of weeks so it's obviously surviving," he said."I think it's roosting somewhere nearby.It's certainly strikingly beautiful. It brings a bit of vibrancy and colour to the environment."
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For many there is still debate as to the cause or existence of wild blue pheasants with many dismissing reports of sightings as merely juvenile peacocks.

However I suspect it is a Swinhoes Blue Pheasant found in Taiwan, it belongs to the Phasianidae family of Galliformes order. Its scientific name is Lophura swinhoii. It could have escaped from some where or simply ended up here by mistake. As we know it won't last long if it is the only one of it's kind here.

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