Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The Heber Springs Water Panther.

Heber Springs in Arkansas serves as a gateway to Greers Ferry Lake and the Little Red River. The U.S. Corps of Engineers completed the 31,500-acre lake in 1963.Greers Ferry Lake is known for  fishing and recreation. Little Red River is the home of the world-record brown trout.So lots of food sources in the area .
There is a legend of a monster in the area called the Heber Springs Water Panther. It is said to be a hairy beast looking like a cross between Bigfoot and a big cat such as a Puma. It can breathe on land and in the water .Its hellish screams can be heard in the forests and around Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River. However  there are no photos or recent evidence or sightings .
Bigfoot type creatures have been reported in other parts of Arkansas ,the north western area and Pine Bluff area.There is a history of bigfoot type cryptids but The Heber Springs Panther sounds an unlikely creature unless its a hybrid of a bigfoot and a mating with a big cat!

Monday, 17 February 2020

A monster carcass and a sea monster sighting

A recent news item appeared about a large carcass washed up near Aberdeen on a beach:

MYSTERY surrounds what appears to be a gigantic skeleton found washed up on a Scottish beach during Storm Ciara.
Locals were left baffled after a snap of what looked like a rotten carcass was posted online earlier this week, with some suggesting it could be the remains of the Loch Ness Monster.

It is probably a whale carcass but it is not the first time a sea monster has been seen in the area. 
In December 1898 a sea captain returning from haddock fishing saw a huge creature in the water off the coast of Stonehaven, a village near Aberdeen.The creature was described as finny,over  34 feet long and a back  the size of a upturned boat .The captain and his men were said to be honest and not prone to fancy.Plus being fishermen They would have seen many whales etc  would know the difference. Another boat reported a great disturbance in the water but it was foggy and they couldn't see the cause of the commotion.
See the article below for full description.:

Unless of course the carcass was a descendant of the 1898 sea monster

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

El Cuero,monster of Lake Lacar.

 El Cuero,

Lago (lake) Lacar, is a glacial lake in the Andes Mountains in Neuquén Province, Argentina. It is enclosed in the mountain range, at 630 m above sea level. The area around the lake is mostly uninhabited, except for the city of San Martín de los Andes on its north eastern coast. The lake has an average  depth of 167 metres but can reach 270 metres in parts. 
It is supposedly the home of an unknown creature. The locals call it El Cuero, meaning “ Cow Hide” .It is described as being hairless with a body structure which has the appearance of cow hide splayed out. Cuero’s head is said to be ugly , with red stalks upon which are it’s snail like eyes. Some say that the creature has a proboscis like mouth located in the centre of its torso through which it sucks the blood out of both its human and animal victims. Eyewitnesses have also reported seeing a serious of razor sharp claws along the fringes of El Cuero, which the creature uses to secure its prey. The creature is also known by the names “El Threquelhuecuvu,” or “El Bien Peinado” (“the smooth-headed one”).
There are no documented sightings of El Cuero but there is a local story which is repeated to everyone. A local mother was washing the family’s clothes on the banks of the Hua-Hum River, when to her horror as a huge stingray like creature lunged out of the water and grabbed her infant child which lay sleeping next to her on the shore. Additional evidence of this creature’s carnivorous tendencies are said to be the bird and animal remains, which litter the lake’s shoreline after one of its nocturnal feasts. The features described about the creature’s appearance have lead to speculation that it may be a type of freshwater stingray , which are known in South America.This creature , or something like it, has also been reported in the rivers and lagoons of both Argentina and Chile. Some have pointed out the similarities between this creature and the Hueke-Hueke.
Lake Lacar is also said to be the centre of other strangeness. In 1850 a mermaid like creature, apparently half amphibian, and half human was seen in the lake. The mermaid was reported to be able to levitate over the water, and supposedly lived in an underwater city.
(Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine #10)
Then in 1982 UFO sightings were reported also at the lake.

There often seems to other strangeness around lakes with reported ‘monsters’. UFOs are said to have been seen around Loch Ness for example. Could it be that certain areas attract otherworldly attention?

NB re-edited original posted 17th Jan 2010

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Straits of Mackinac Sea Monsters

The sea serpent of the Straits.
The Straits of Mackinac are narrow waterways in Michigan . The main strait flows under the Mackinac Bridge and connects two of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The main strait is 3.5 miles (5.6 km) wide and 295 feet (90 metres)deep.
On June  25th 1976 approximately  600 feet from the shore near the Straits of Mackinac , people witnessed two unknown creatures in the water. According to The Grand Rapids Press, the local sheriff came to the spot on the beach where people saw the monsters, and he saw something he’d never seen before. “I’m looking at something 20, maybe 30 feet long, swimming just below the surface,” he told The Grand Rapids Press. “I was amazed. I didn’t know what it was, but it sure wasn’t a publicity stunt.” The creature would occasionally rise to the surface of the water before diving back into the depths.

The owner of a resort along the Cheboygan lake front also reported seeing two large creatures frolicking in the Mackinac Straits on Lake Huron in front of his property on the same day. He estimated they were 45 feet long.
It was thought that it must have been large fish or eels but eels don’t normally grow to that size.
There are also supposed to be lake monsters in Lake Huron which adjoins the straits.The local indigenous people the Ojibway have legends that  say there is a giant reptile, or serpent creature with large horns that rules the waters of Lake Huron. They call it "Mishebeshu" which means 'great lynx' and it dwells in an underwater den.
An  8 foot seal-like creature was sighted off Wasaga Beach in 1938. There have apparently been many reports of creatures within Georgian Bay over the years, but none as large as those seen in 1976.
In 1975 the London Ontario Free Press reported that a group of creatures were seen on June 12th near Kincardine and another sighting was reported in the Goderich area in 1989.
Two, long, log-like creatures were reportedly observed in the Goderich area, frolicking in the water.

I think the smaller creatures reported were seals but the larger creatures remain a mystery. Even at the smallest estimate of  20 feet long it is difficult to find a marine creature that fits the descriptions. So an unknown creature  or a mis-identification? What do you think?

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Shuswap Lake Monster

Shuswap Lake Serpent
Shuswap Lake is  located in  British Columbia, Canada. The  Lake consists of four arms, forming the shape of the letter H.It has a depth of over 500 feet at its deepest point.Shuswap Lake is reputed to have  a monster called  Shugumu or Shuswaggi.
The earliest encounter with the creature was from a Secwepemc First Nations hunter in 1904 who claimed to have killed a strange creature in Shuswap Lake.
Then in 1948, a man fishing on the lake said  a large  creature swam under his boat, clipping the bottom and almost tipped it over.
On July 27th the same year ,  a farmer by the name of  Sinclair had let his cattle out to graze on his property next to Shuswap Lake. He saw something in the water and as he moved closer for a better view a large black creature begin to move farther out and started submerging.
In 1970, a family having  a birthday party next to Shuswap Lake reported seeing a long, grey-green object moving under the lake water that appeared to move quickly before rising out of the water, turning around and heading away.
In 1984  Linda Griffiths and her family  were out on the lake when she saw something and  grabbing her binoculars she saw a serpent-like creature swim in front of the boat. After the sighting, Linda described it as being about  25ft long with greyish-brown skin and no scales.
In 2018 Larry Roberts and two others reported a sighting .It had flat bumps on its back and was estimated to be 60 feet long. You can read his eyewitness report here : https://pinebarrensinstitute.com/user-submitted-encounters/2018/8/19/user-submitted-cryptid-encounter
On March  23rd 2019 Loren and his friend Brodie Blair ,fishermen, were filming another episode of  Two Guys With Flies for their Facebook page when they encountered  the creature.
“Out of the blue from behind us, what we heard was almost like the breach of a whale, like the water coming out of its spout,” Loren told Global News. “As I was videoing my buddy here fishing I turned the camera around and I started videotaping what we thought was… it was really weird like waves… but you could see the shininess of the humps.”
On the video, Blair could be heard calling what they’re seeing ‘The Shuswaggi’.
In May 2019 Dawn Dumont spotted something in the lake while she was driving her son to an appointment in Salmon Arm and then again at a public beach in Scotch Creek.
“I was kind of hoping to see it again and to my surprise I think that I did. Whatever it was, it was big. It looked like there were some kind of black humps. I had seen it twirling around a bit and then it went under,” Dupont reported.
So does the lake house a serpent like creature or is it a sturgeon as some claim? Could it be a giant eel or an unknown creature? The video films are, as usual ,difficult to accurately assess and could show anything from waves to a monster to birds in formation. Hopefully more sightings and evidence will be forthcoming.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

A Megalodon off Malta?

The Malta Megalodon?
There have been stories of a giant shark ,possibly a megalodon(ancient prehistoric giant shark) being seen near the island of  Malta for years and years .
The last time it was reported was 1956 when it was claimed it killed and ate a man. On the 20th July 1956, Tony Grech, a student, and Jack Smedley, his 40-year-old teacher from the Naval Technical School in Valletta, were out swimming near St Thomas Bay.The student saw a huge black shape beneath him and swam to shore in fright only to turn and see his teacher dragged down beneath the waves, by a monster sharklarge enough to split a fishing vessel in two.
The shark hunt went on for weeks without success and the local Maltese kept out of the sea that summer.No remains of the teacher were found.
A megalodon is unlikely to have survived all these thousands of years but there are some very large great white sharks out there that could be mistaken in the water for something even bigger. There were those who said the teacher was a retired spy and a  soviet submarine killed him.
There are also the sea serpents said to live in a huge underground cavern in the valley of Harq Hammiem near St George’s Bay. Could a sea serpent be responsible?The place is called Dragonara,place of huge sea serpents. Harq Hammiem Cave is a fully submerged terrestrial cavern. It has two chambers on different levels, with an interconnecting narrow corridor leading from the upper chamber to a fully submerged lower chamber.. The water inside the cave turns brackish with depth and has seawater characteristics at deeper levels. The cave is inhabited by the rare albino shrimp.
Fossils of Basilosaurus, an ancient Whale have  been found in Malta, which may account for the sea serpent stories.The ancient whale being long and serpentine.

So was the teacher killed and eaten by a Megalodon or a great white shark,or a sea serpent or was he taken out by a Soviet vessel? You decide.A mystery that cannot be solved without any remains to identify the predator.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Mysterious Creatures of Charles Mill Lake.

Charles Mill Lake Creature(s)
Charles Mill Dam is located on the Black Fork of the Mohican River. Charles Mill is a reservoir located in central Ohio near the junction of State Routes 430 and 603. Charles Mill Lake is a quiet  place where families have picnics or go there for boating, camping, fishing etc.
In 1959, three young men from Ohio claimed to have had an encounter with a bizarre creature at the Mill Lake Reservoir .Denny Patterson, Wayne Armstrong and Michael Lane said that they were playing  near the shores of the Charles Mill Reservoir at night when they saw a seven feet  tall creature come up out of the water in front of them.
 They described it later  as being a huge, arm less humanoid with luminous, green eyes and large, webbed feet. Needless to say the teens panicked and ran and alerted the authorities.
When local police went to the  reservoir to investigate they discovered a series of  tracks that resembled the foot gear worn by skin divers along the shore.
No more was heard about it but then another creature was sighted.This creature had orange eyes. In 1963 the creature was seen by many witnesses who described it as as being approximately eleven feet tall  and its approximate weight as 1,000 pounds.
The next recorded encounter with the orange eyed creature on April 22, 1968 when a group of children claimed to  have accidentally come across the creature.Then in June 1991 a pair of anglers claimed to have sighted it near Willis Creek.
I could find no more encounters after this. If it wasn’t a hoax then the first question is- is it two different creatures or was the first encounter with a juvenile? Was it some sort of aquatic creature or a type of bigfoot?
I then came across a story that some locals were saying that a tramp was responsible. The tramp apparently carrying or wearing two lamps on his head. The tramp would have to be extremely tall and well built to fit the descriptions of the witnesses. However it is easy to mistake sizes and shapes of things when you are shocked or scared or when it is dark.
So unless some more sightings occur or some evidence is found, it remains a mystery .

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Giant Worms!

Giant worm burrows beneath the sand and into your nightmares
The sea-bound creepy crawly above definitely falls in the latter category.
Taken by diver Jules Casey, the video shows a long spoon worm burrowing itself into the ocean sediment.In her Instagram post, Casey says this is a type of spoon worm called Ikeda taenioides. She filmed it during a night dive near the Blairgowrie Pier in Australia.This type of spoon worm, the largest in the world, is native to the northern Pacific Ocean.It can grow to lengths of over 8 feet. While hard to measure exactly, the spoon worm in the video appears even longer.Ikeda taenioides buries itself about 30 inches into the sand, while keeping its proboscis or nose poking out of the sediment for feeding.
See video here :

Spoon Worms are mainly  deposit feeders, collecting detritus from the sea floor. Fossils of these worms are seldom found and the earliest known fossil specimen is from the Upper Carboniferous. However, U-shaped burrow fossils that could be Echiuran have been found dating back to the Cambrian Era. They  don’t  have any eyes or other sense organs, but instead the proboscis is presumed to have a tactile sensory function. Echiurans are exclusively marine and the majority of species live in the Atlantic Ocean.Luckily you are unlikely to meet one in everyday life.A living cryptid.

Friday, 3 January 2020

Welsh Bigfoot,Real or Spectre?

There are legends of a Welsh Bigfoot.
The Brenin Llwyd (Grey King) is said to inhabit the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales. Reports of its appearance vary. It is sometimes described merely as a "presence", but it has also been reported to be large, hairy, man-like creature. It is similar to the Big Grey Man of Scotland, which is considered by some to be a flesh and blood creature, and by others to be a spirit or trick of the atmospheric conditions on the mountain.

Could this be the explanation for the Brenin llwyd?

Snowdon walker captures rare Brocken spectre

A walker has captured images of a rare weather phenomenon called Brocken spectre on New Year's Day.Rhys Pleming was climbing Snowdon, Gwynedd, with his friend and they made it to the summit at about 08:15 GMT for the sunrise.Mr Pleming said the clouds began to cover the summit and another walker spotted the rare weather effect.The Met Office says the Brocken spectre appears when a large shadow of an observer is cast on to cloud or mist.
Read rest see photo here:

It does look like a large human shape. What do you think ,welsh bigfoot reality or spectre?