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Green Hill Bigfoot


The Green Hill Monster

Oklahoma has been  a frequently reported place for bigfoot sightings.The heavily wooded south eastern area is the one most mentioned. One of the sightings occurred in  1971, when a group of local high schoolers  decided to go for a jaunt along the  back roads near Talihina one evening. They parked up  and one of the  boys wandered away from the group and into the forest. The boy came running  back to the car in a frightened state.He said he saw a hideous creature taller than a human and covered in long, matted hair.They drove quickly back to town and reported the sighting to the local sheriff.The sheriff investigated and found several dead deer in the woods .He told the local people not to venture into the woods at night  in case they were attacked.The creature was never caught.The locals later called it  the “Green Hill Monster" .I came across a report from someone who was there at the time:

In the fall of 1971 while I was in High School, several of the students were at Dressers Ranch Barn preparing a Homecoming float, when some of the Talihina, Oklahoma High School football team, drove up to the Barn yelling and screaming that they had seen something in the woods on Green Hill Road.They  said that what ever it was, was bigger than E.S. -E.S. was a football player and was well over 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighted approx. 245 lbs. E.S. would not get out of the truck, when they got to Dressers Barn. He was white as a sheet and seem to be in some sort of shock.Several of the other football players said they were there when it happened, but didn’t see anything, except E.S. passing them and locking himself in his truck. E.N. got his spot light out of his truck to shine it where E.S. had. E.N. said he seen  a large Hairy animal standing about 20 feet from him. The sheriff went to investigate The sheriff and his deputies found there were three deer, necks broken, and guts ripped out. None of the Deer had any bullet holes and were intact except for the guts being ripped out.

Historically there have been other reports . The Choctaw people’s history of Bigfoot comes from the early 1880s. Old timers who had lived there all their lives recalled Bigfoot encounters.

In archived copies of the McCurtain Gazette, two encounters had  occurred during the spring of 1926, and were recorded by the paper’s editor, W.J. Old, Sr.The first sighting was by a doctor from Haworth. He was driving his Model-T Ford one night “close to Goodwater,” when his headlights caught the big, shaggy creature darting across the road. The second encounter involved a couple of hunters who were camped along the Mountain Fork River. While stalking game west of their campsite, they topped a hill and sighted a big, black, hairy “ape-man” in a small clearing below. The men yelled at the creature, which immediately jumped up and ran away.

Then there was a report of possible baby bigfoot sighting in 2009.You can read it here:

No one has yet produced a photo of the elusive bigfoot but many people believe it exists in the area. There has certainly been a long history of sightings. Hopefully there will be more in the future and an investigation.

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