Wednesday 30 December 2009

The Lake Utopia Monster

Indigenous people’s legends speak of a serpent with a huge mouth and teeth that inhabits Lake Utopia in New Brunswick, Canada. The serpent is said to break holes through the surface of the frozen lake and snap at people on the lake. There have been sightings reported for about the last 100 years. Lake Utopia is approximately 7 kilometers long and between 0.8 and 2.8 kilometers in width. The lake level varies throughout the year, as more or less water is allowed through a hydroelectric dam on the Maguadavic River in St. George.

In 1867 sawmill workers on the north shore of the lake reported they saw something 30 feet (nine metres) long and 10 feet (three metres) wide thrashing in the lake. Similar reports were made around the same time.

In 1868 a Saint Croix Courier ( a newspaper) reporter said he and other witnesses saw the monster.

In 1872 a Dominion Gazette article on the monster said "dwellers of the lake, without exception, believe that a huge fish or serpent has a home in Utopia" and they've seen it basking like a pine log on the surface of the water.

In1872 locals describe a monster with a large head following their canoes, snapping its jaws. The Canadian Illustrated News reported a hunting party set out to catch the monster without success.

In 1891 William Francis Ganong, a naturalist, records in his notebook a description of the monster provided by a lumberman who said he saw it 20 years prior. "It was dark red in colour, the part showing above the water was 20 feet long (about) and as big around as a small hogshead; it was much like a large eel."

In 1969 The Saint John Evening Times Globe reports on an interview with Mrs. Fred McKillop, of St. George, who said she saw a huge creature 18 years earlier. "It looked like a huge black rock . . . It moved up and down the lake, boiling and churning the water, making great waves," she was quoted .

In 1982 Sherman Hatt says he and family members saw a hump come out of the water about 10 feet long. He said it looked like a submarine with spray coming from both sides.

"It was huge-huge," he said. "Maybe there is an explanation but I cannot understand what it was."

In 1996 There were reports about Roger and Lois Wilcox who were canoeing on the lake when they saw ripples break the mirror-like surface 100 metres ( 300 feet) from them. It was heading toward Cannonball Island . Stewart. Wilcox, a retired military airman from St. George described it as 40 to 50 feet (13 to 16metres) long, undulating upward, not sideways. He said he saw a hump come five feet out of the water. He said, "I just don't know what it was."

The leading Lake Utopia Monster researcher Norma Stewart said most sightings are kept quiet, one was reported to her in 2000. Stewart believes there is a pattern of sightings at about every three to five year intervals.

So is this another giant eel sighting? The descriptions sound very familiar. There could be a family of large eels living in the lake that surface either when food is scare or maybe when they are breeding and are protecting their territory, hence the aggression. Of course that is only one explanation and I am sure everyone has their own.

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