Wednesday 24 February 2010

The Loch Ness Creature -does it migrate to other Lochs?

There has been speculation over the years that the Loch Ness creature moves between the local Lochs. I was browsing through some old newspaper articles and news reports when I came across these two from the same year.


LONDON, June 14 (Reuter) - Sixteen people watched in amazement as a mysterious object ploughed swiftly across Loch Ness, leaving a white water wake before disappearing after five minutes into the depths of the Scottish lake. "I cannot find a rational explanation for what I saw," said English tourist David Neeld, the morning after Thursday evening's sighting. "I do not think there is any other explanation than it was the Loch Ness monster." Sightings of the monster, nicknamed Nessie and often described as having a long neck and large body like a brontosaurus, have been reported since the 15th century. Several expeditions have been undertaken in the loch but they have found nothing. The strange object was first spotted at 10 p.m. by Kate Munro, joint owner of the Craigdarroch House, a hotel on the edge of the Highland lake. She alerted her husband Dave and 14 guests who watched the object for five minutes. They told reporters that it appeared to be something large just under the loch's surface, moving at high speed. "There was no traffic on the loch at all, yet here was a wake as big as comes from a cruiser," said Neeld. "There were a few locals in the hotel's bar and they said it was Nessie, so I will go along with that," he said. "I must say that I was very impressed." Another tourist, Karen Hemingway, said: "Whatever we saw was certainly quite strange. There were no boats around at all. I think I could well have seen the monster. "Around two million tourists are attracted to 40-km (25-mile) long Loch Ness each year because of the monster legend.


Lizzie the Loch Ness Monster's cousin is back. The beastie surfaced briefly, 36 years after she was last spotted in Loch Lochy. Eye-witnesses were stunned to see the 12ft-long, three-humped creature rearing out of the water. And guests at the nearby Corriegour Lodge Hotel rushed to get a better view. Hotel boss Lorna Bunney said: "I've never seen anything like this creature before."

So could Nessie have gone on holiday to Loch Lochy? Interesting thought isn’t it?


Ayup Miduck said...

Way back in the early 1980`s, ther was a programme on TV " Arthur C Clarke Mysterious World." One episode has stayed with me since then. Loch Ness Monster. A film/video clip of
something very big crossing the loch just under surface is still shown to this day. However this clip shows it reaching the other side, and a large animal hauling
itself onto the bank. The typical
Nessie describes the animals appearance. In another film/video
clip from the same series, a light aircraft, or gyrocopter or similar,
is over the loch above a shallow
area with Nessie just lying and wallowing on the sandy shore.
Now since that showing of these clips on TV approx 20 years ago to this day I`ve never these clips again. Why not I ask.? Anyone else
remember these TV clips ???

Tabitca said...

I have never seen the clips. I wonder what happened to them. Maybe someone who reads the blog will post if they saw the same thing.Sounds fascinating! Thank you for your comment.