Monday 21 June 2010

Old Sea Serpent Reports

 On August 11th, 1888, a monster attacked the schooner Augusta off the south east coast of Newfoundland. Six dories were sent out from the schooner and one of them was chased back to the Augusta by a huge, monstrous creature that emerged from the water and chased the dory to the schooner, only to the submerge again. The monster undulated through the water at great speeds, not unlike an eel or snake, and was close to 100 feet long. Its head, which raised above the water for 15 to 20 feet, was huge and lizard-like with immense eyes. Its body was brown with stripes, about 20 feet thick with a huge fin. The creature reappeared later as the dories went out to get their trawls and chased another of the six dories. It attempted to wrap itself into coils around the boat but lost its speed, only to later catch up and smash at the dory with its deadly tail. The schooner captain shot at the beast as it sank into the sea. The Augusta returned to St. John's where the story appeared in local papers. Some believe that the creature was a giant squid, similar to ones seen in various places around the world but the experienced fishermen of Newfoundland know it was a sea serpent, and is still out there, hidden deep in the waters, waiting...
-----told to St. John's newspapers by Thomas Grant, owner of the Augusta---
THE CREATURE OF GRAND BANK, NEWFOUNDLAND -First seen on August 30, 1913 and described as follows: a huge  head, long fin like ears and large blue eyes. The eyes are mild and liquid with no indication of ferocity. Following the eyes came a neck, 20 feet in length, resembling that of a giraffe. The neck seemed to be set on a ball-bearing,  so easily and rhythmically did it sway. Three horned fins surmounted its bony head, probably for defence.
I am not at all well at the moment but posted a couple of sea serpent reports to keep you amused. Maybe some one would like to hazard a guess at what they might have been if a misidentified creature, and post a comment.

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OleStar said...

Thanks for a very interesting Blog

Very interesting story, similar to other stories I have read.

Recently the pembroke dock seaserpent and the sea serpent in the San Francisco Bay (discovered and described by the clark twins).

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