Sunday 11 July 2010

The Markham monster and a new cryptid in lakeside pond?

In view of all the bigfoot news I thought I would post this sighting from Ontario.
Toronto area Cryptid dubbed The Markham Monster – Part 1March 30, 10:42 AMHamilton Paranormal ExaminerMartha Jette
ParaResearchers Ontario has listed a strange account of a cryptid sighting near the Trailwood Conservation Area located close to area residents in Markham, Ontario about 35 miles east of Hamilton. Cryptids, which include such mystifying creatures as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, form part of the paranormal because their actual existence is still in question.A witness to this event writes that in December 2001, she and her husband were driving from Markham Road and Main Street south of Highway 7 when they came to a dead end road. “We sat there with our car running and headlights on and saw something stand and move south across our lines of vision, about 20 meters or so ahead of us. The area is wooded and was covered in snow at the time. We were both stricken with absolute fear unlike any either of us had felt before.”The couple was frightened by what they saw. They noted that it was not a bear because it was “MUCH thinner and the proportion of limbs to trunk was more human than bear.” They agreed it could not be an ape either because the body was narrower “across the shoulders and torso.” “It was solid as opposed to an apparition, and walked entirely upright with casual stride. If it was human, it would be unusually large -at least 6.5 feet but probably closer to 7 or even more. It had a distinct neck area and was able to rotate its head toward us clearly.”They also agreed that what they saw was not someone in a costume. As well, they heard “a percussive deep growl. It felt like a sonic boom but didn’t really seem very loud.”Curious as to what they’d really seen, the couple returned to the area several times but did not see the creature again until February 11 2005. This time, they were out driving in the early evening along Stouffville Road and on to Bridgewater Drive. “At the end of the road there was a large snow bank piled up from the plowing of the road - this snow bank completely surrounds the roadway on three sides with only the driveway of the home accessible. Immediately, the same sensation of fear was upon us.”While their young son slept in the back seat, they saw something rise out of the snow bank about five meters in front of their vehicle.”I recall only wide set eyes that sort of glowed (perhaps reflection of our headlights as it was approaching dusk and at least the daytime running lights would have been on). It seemed to have the snow on top of it and around it. It was as if it raised up, peeked at us and went back in. My husband turned to me and said, "it did that on purpose, it knows us and knows we are watching."The woman explained that her husband did not believe in this sort of thing, so his statement was all the more profound. “For him to think this was a cognizant, non-human, evil entity is HUGE. He just isn't that sort of guy. He has no imagination, no paranormal interest -the weirdest he gets is liking old reruns of star trek.” Source:

A new Lake monster photographed in Lakeside Pond?

Sea monster or carp lurks at Lakeside?Frank Gray Published: July 11, 2010 3:00 a.m. 

Lakeside Park, with its Rose Garden and fountains that drown out the sound of nearby traffic, is probably one of the more tranquil spots in the city, not the place to go if you’re looking for excitement.Lately, though, there’s been a buzz in the neighborhood about the goings-on in the pond. It involves something that has come to be called Lakeside Nessie.Yep, Lakeside has its own sea monster.Well, sea monster might be a bit of an exaggeration, but whatever it is, it’s big and it has features that in some respects aren’t exactly fish-like.One of the people who has seen the creature is Hannah Ramsey. She was walking her dog a couple of weeks ago by the pond, near a small bridge next to a building, when she saw a large fish-like creature near the shore.“It was really weird,” Ramsey said. “It had a snake’s tail. It was really long and really big in the middle and it had fish scales.”Ramsey said she was only about 6 feet away from it. “It stayed there for a couple of minutes, but it wouldn’t turn so I could see its face. It was acting like it was strangling a fish or something.”Ramsey’s mother, Laura, said she believes it was a giant carp. People feed bread to the ducks at the pond and some of that food sinks, attracting the fish. In the past, she’s seen two gigantic carp near the shore in the pond.But her daughter’s description of a snake-like tail makes one wonder: Is it something else?Then there is the account of Larry Kenner, who is a photographer. Last summer, he was trying out a new camera when he happened to see a weird creature in the water near the pillars that surround the rose garden and snapped a photograph.That picture shows a long, snake-like creature in the water.“It looked bigger than a snake. It had a lot of girth,” Kenner said. “But it was long.”“Some friends say, ‘Oh, that’s a carp,’ ” Kenner said, “but it kind of slithered through the water.”The photo shows an animal that does seem to be slithering and bending its body, sort of like a giant snake.Kenner posted the photo on his Facebook page, and suddenly friends who had lived in the Lakeside area for years started telling stories of the odd things they’ve seen in the pond.So far, no one has reported seeing anything dramatic, like a duck disappearing into a hole in the water, a la Jaws.We talked to park officials about the report, but they had heard nothing about strange sightings in the water. One official, though, jokes that tales like that might be a good way to keep people out of the pond. Swimming is prohibited there.At the park last week, there was nothing odd-looking going on, just ducks lazily floating around. People who work at the park also reported seeing nothing unusual.So, for now, we’ll just have to label it a mystery. There’s nothing wrong with mysteries, though. They add a little spice to life.And if Loch Ness can have its elusive monster and Fulk Lake in Churubusco can have its elusive giant turtle, why can’t the Lakeside pond have its own elusive creature?
(I have to say, it looks like a fish to me. Normal service will resume tomorrow I hope, combination of bad asthma attacks and family issues have meant I have only posted news items for a few days. Will get back to blog writing tomorrow. Thanks for your patience)


Keith Martin said...

I had to read the story about the Markham monster because I am from Texarkana Texas which is 30 miles north west of Fouke Arkansas where Big Foot or The Fouke Monster as we called him when I was kid resided.

Many of us tried several times to actually see him but failed every time, so I never believed the stories.

However to read about the Markham Monster makes me wonder if the old stories were actually true.

I enjoyed it to say the least.

Keith Martin

old dog said...

l saw something like a large wolf-like creature on all fours but oddly unlike any wolf,thin shaggy huge and bluish in colour also having some kind of odd aura,in markham in fall 05 near stream tributary in forest
at rouge river,just off Tuclor Gate near the low bridge to the west/south about 30 metres into the trees from rd,creature approached we retreated it went to cover and followed us out of the woods but not past treeline

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