Tuesday 27 September 2011

one monster missing and one de-bunked

Cantabrians asked for sightings of Loch Ness Monster
Published: 6:06PM Monday September 26, 2011 Source: ONE News
The maker of a replica Loch Ness Monster, created to bring a smile to Cantabrians' faces, is appealing for sightings of the beastie after it was stolen.The model was taken from the Kaiapoi River after surprising motorists by appearing on the side of a road near Belfast, north of Christchurch."I've been driving past this particular puddle for two years and I figured, 'well it needs a Loch Ness Monster," special effects expert Dean Johnstone said.

A baby sea-serpent no more: reinterpreting Hagelund’s juvenile Cadborosaurus
By Darren Naish | September 26, 2011
Our efforts to get analyses of cryptozoological data into the technical, peer-reviewed literature continue, with the ‘our’ being myself, Michael Woodley and Cameron McCormick (aka Lord Geekington). I’m referring here to our new paper, titled ‘A baby sea-serpent no more: reinterpreting Hagelund’s juvenile “cadborosaur” report’, published within recent weeks in Journal of Scientific Exploration (Woodley et al. 2011).What’s the point of this paper? We show, via an analysis of morphological character states, that the ‘baby Cadborosaurus’ encountered by Captain William Hagelund in 1968 was most likely…. a pipefish, not a baby sea serpent. Cadborosaurus, if you’re not familiar with it, is a long-bodied, horse-headed sea monster thought by some to exist in the waters of the north-east Pacific.
Read rest see pics here : http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/tetrapod-zoology/2011/09/26/baby-sea-serpent-no-more/

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