Wednesday 13 June 2012

Yowie hunt

Gaining a firmer foothold on those Yowie sightings
KATOOMBA man Rex Gilroy is a man on a mission. He is planning to come to the Goulburn region soon to do some research into Yowie sightings around the Crookwell and Canyonleigh areas. “We are keen to hear of any recent sightings of any of these beings from readers,” the 68- year-old says. “The Australopithecus-type Yowie has recently been sighted at Canyonleigh where a nubile-breasted female of approximately 1.5 metres height was apparently seen drinking water on the edge of a creek, while two male creatures of just over this height were spotted by a Crookwell property owner in scrub between there and Roslyn, apparently foraging for plant food.” Rex has also just completed filming a segment of an ‘Animal Planet’ documentary on the relationship between the North American ‘Bigfoot’ and Australia’s ‘Yowies’. Over the past 50 years or so, since Rex discovered these creatures through reading about them at school in the library, he has been gathering some quite detailed research on what the Aborigines call the Yowie, an extremely hairy man/ape creature that supposedly still roams the uninhabited Australian bush all along the east coast

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