Sunday 4 November 2012

Bigfoot seen in Utah?

A Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon?
by Brittany Green-Miner
PROVO CANYON, Utah – A Utah man camping in Provo Canyon caught sight of a black creature in the woods.
The video’s description, named “Provo Canyon Bigfood Encounter?” on YouTube [LINK], says the man was camping near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon Overlook when they saw deer up on the hill.n their way up, the spotted what appeared to be a bear. But when “the monster stood up and looked right at us,” they fled.“We had actually been standing there for awhile. We had thought it was a bear up to that point but when it stood up and looked at us it was just massive animal,” said the video’s uploader, who goes by the name Bear Card on YouTube.

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