Friday 2 May 2014

could fortean happenings be connected with place names ?

Bridgewater USA and Bridgewater UK, both with bigfoot, big cats etc. what is going on?

Bridgewater is a town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States.. It is named after Bridgwater, Somerset, England. It is also the centre of mysterious goings on from bigfoot to UFOs to ghosts sightings causing it to be dubbed the “Bridgewater Triangle”.
Sightings are numerous in the Bridgewater Triangle. In 1970, reports of a big-foot like, 7-foot tall hairy monster and its footprints instigated both the Bridgewater and Massachusetts State Police canine unit to conduct a search for a bear. However, neither man nor bear was ever found.In 1978, paranormal researcher Joseph M. DeAndrade claims to have observed another such creature as it slowly walked into the brush of the Hockomock Swamp, about 200 yards from his location. He chronicled his sighting in his 1997 book, Passing Strange: True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors8.Not all of the creatures that allegedly inhabit the Bridgewater Triangle are land-bound. Since 1971, several sightings of phenomenally large, black birds, with wingspans that stretched from eight to twelve feet, have been reported as well. Coincidentally, the first of these reports originated from Bird Hill in Hockomock Swamp. In 1984, two of these avian creatures were allegedly seen fighting in mid-air.
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And from the BFRO;
Federal law enforcement agent describes possible snow tracks on private land adjacent to Paskamansett River, approx. 10 miles from Hockomock 25 th January 2009
OBSERVED: Footprints in the snow, walking through several properties and into the woods. Seen by myself, a Federal Agent for 16 years, my cousin the homeowner/poreprty owner), and several other family members. Tracks went through a neighborhood and from trash can to trash can.
ALSO NOTICED: The toes of the footprints penetrated under the snow about an inch, indicating the track was made by a foot with a forward momentum walking up the hill.
OTHER WITNESSES: Several family members. The prints were first discovered by my cousin's daughter in their back yard. She had heard bigfoot stories from me because I am a hobby cryptozoologist. She showed them to her dad and he called me and several other family members. Several pictures were taken by my cousine and myself.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Daylight, Bright sun. The tracks were possibly made on Saturday the 24th at night. My cousin noted his outdoor cats were inside and acting very frightened.
ENVIRONMENT: Suburban backyard surrounded by extensive natural areas. Several of the kids have been through the yard because they are excited about the tracks, but we have tried to preserve them. See the full report and follow up here:
And here is an article about the triangle:
It got me thinking is it something to do with the name? Bridgewater in England ,after whom the MA town is named , is also surrounded by mysterious goings on. From ghosts and ghoulies to big cats and UFO sightings. See a selection here:
So could the name of a place produce expectations in those living or visiting the area that influences what they might see? Or does the name attract a certain sort of person to the area that would pick up on the vibes and see things others may not? It is certainly strange that both areas should be subject to people seeing fortean phenomena and strange beasties.

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