Saturday, 3 October 2015

Pigman or bigfoot?

Woman terrified after spotting ‘half-human half-pig’ by the road

Terrified driver speaks out decades after encounter

TERRIFIED woman claims she came face to face with a half-human half-pig monster.
The woman, known only as Patty, spotted the ungodly beast while driving on a remote road in 1983 — and has been too scared to speak about it until now. She was driving home to Murray, Kentucky, when the 7-ft creature leapt from a cornfield. She said: “I saw a tall, slender creature on the side of the road. “I would describe it as a cross between a primate, a pig, and a human - mischievous but not harmful."“It was using his arms and legs, and headed in to the marsh-type land going towards Kentucky Lake.”
The unidentified ogre — believed by experts to be a potential ‘Dogman’ — was hairless with pink skin, long arms and torso, human hands and short legs. It also had a long neck, a small head with pointy ears, “intelligent eyes” and a pig-like snout.
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So pigman. dogman or bigfoot?
There is a legendary condition called cynocephaly, which means having the head of a dog or a jackal. The word is taken from the Latin word cynocephalus "dog-head" and is often found in Greek myths and old legends. Stories of dog headed people exist all over the world in legend and folklore .
There are also reports of a Bigfoot in Kentucky see report here:

Is there a new creature roaming Kentucky? Be interesting to see if more reports surface.

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