Wednesday 13 April 2016

Robot in Loch Ness

Underwater robot probes depths of Loch Ness
A robot has been used to investigate what lies in the depths of Loch Ness.Kongsberg Maritime used its torpedo-shaped Munin drone, which is equipped with sonar imaging, to survey the bottom of the loch.Fresh discoveries made by the robot are to be announced at an event near Loch Ness later on Wednesday.One piece of information that has been released is that Munin did not confirm a claim made in January of a new deepest point in the loch.A tour boat skipper Keith Stewart recorded a depth of 889ft (270.9m) on sonar equipment he uses. The official maximum depth, which still remains in place, is 754ft (229.8m).Among material Munin did detect was the wreck of an unidentified sunken boat.
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Maybe this is why Nessie has moved to the Thames lol .

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