Sunday 7 August 2016

New Photo of Nessie?

Student takes photo of “snake-like head” sticking out of Loch Ness
By David Love
A SCEPTICAL student has become a Nessie convert after a close encounter with the mythical monster.
Startled Jolene Lin captured this photo of a “snake-like head” poking out of Loch Ness during a pleasure cruise last week.Prior to the sighting, the 24-year-old student from London, pictured, was a non-believer.But the drizzly long distance sighting has now convinced her something large and slinky is living in the huge expanse of water.

1 comment:

Martin Curran said...

Interesting, but hard to determine what it is. It certainly looks out of place, and we'll just have to trust the photographer that there's been no manipulation. Judging from the resolution of the object, it seems to match surrounding area. Maybe it's only a matter of time now.