Friday 16 September 2016

Loch Ness Monster sightings from the past.


I am re-posting this from September 2011 .

monster sighting in Obit column

Jane Nelson
Jane Nelson, who died on August 1 aged 95, was a gifted gardener, indefatigable charity worker and a prize-winning breeder of Highland cattle at her estate in Argyllshire.
Extract: On December 30 1933 Jane, her sister Kathleen and their father saw the Loch Ness monster. In Jane’s own words: “We were driving along Loch Ness looking for it one very stormy day when suddenly I saw two bumps sticking out of the water, so we all got out to look at it. Luckily we had some field glasses, and we watched it for 40 minutes swimming around in the loch. More and more bumps kept appearing until we finally saw nine, and then it began swimming away more quickly; but it was snowing so hard by this time that we lost sight of it.”
The sighting was reported with some excitement in the Inverness Courier. Jane thought she saw the monster on another occasion a few years later, although it was a less convincing event: “This time only one huge bump was sticking out and was going very fast across the loch.”

RIP a great lady. 

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