Wednesday 9 January 2019

A monster in River Obra?

The River  Obra Monster

 The River Obra is an offshoot of the River Warta, in Poland.  Local folklore 
says that in the northern part of the river, close to Bledzewand lives a giant fish
 or  a giant snake-like creature.
 Some witnesses report seeing ducks, swans and even small dogs being
 attacked and dragged  underwater by some powerful unseen predator.  
Others say they have  witnessed a giant snake trying to upset boats on one 
of the lakes in the area of the river Obra .
Some think  that this snakelike monster is  a giant cat fish. In other European 
countries the catfish has been reported to attack dogs and water birds .
 Whether this is a giant fish  or something more unusual remains to be discovered .
 Stories continue to be  reported of a giant water dwelling creature, which hunts after 
 dusk along the River  Obra.

A cat fish seems the most likely culprit but until it is caught the jury is out.

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