Wednesday 27 February 2019

Descendants of Dragons?

Bukumirsko Lake is one of the legendary lakes in Montenegro. It is surrounded by  mountains and is located 1443m above sea level. It is a glacial lake like many other lakes that are said to hold monsters.
The Lake is 210 metres long,130 metres wide, and approximately 16 metres deep. Tritorus  montenegrinus is a unique endemic lizard triton living near the lake. It is believed that it is a descendant of the dragons that  lived in this lake.
The Bukumirsko tribes from Romania set up home on the lake shores. They could not go about at night as the dragons would come out of the lake and attack them. The tribes had to do something so they heated large rocks, set rocks on fire and hurled them into the lake. The dragons fled from the fire but cursed the tribes people that they would die fighting each other.
The curse came true and the tribes died out but that may be more to marrying other nationalities than war.
So could the lizards be a descendant of the dragons? Birds are said to be descended from dinosaurs so who knows?

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