Wednesday, 6 March 2019

A real vampire in New Orleans?

New Orleans is known for spookiness ,witches ,vampires and the werewolf legends.But did a real vampire live in there?
He was known as Count de Saint-Germain, Comte St Germain, and even Count of Rákóczi. The first heard of him was as an aristocrat who appeared in the court of Louis XV. Known as
Comte d’ Saint Germain, he entertained the court  with stories of his adventurous life . The Count Germain was said to be an alchemist who  was  in possession of the “elixir of life.” He  was supposedly more than 6,000 years old. The next  heard of  Saint-Germain was in  Germany where he reportedly died. However, he was also regularly reported as being seen alive and well.
Then  in 1904, a man exactly matching his physical description,  an attractive Frenchman  called Jacques Saint Germain arrived in New Orleans. He claimed to be a descendant of  the original Comte Germain. He bought  a large house on the corner of Royal and Ursuline Streets and was quite a  ladies man,frequently seen in the company of many different women.
The house was a place of elaborate parties and much feasting  but Germain himself was never seen to eat or drink. One night in December, ear-piercing screams were heard coming from the house. A woman had jumped out of a second-story window  to escape. Passersby rushed to her aid. She told the police that Jacques had dragged a knife across her skin and tried to drink her blood. She died after being admitted to the local Charity Hospital.It was presumed she was a prostitute. When police officers went to question Germain, he had already left. He left  behind blood-stained floors, wine bottles and glasses filled with blood and no trace of food for his own consumption. He never returned.
Since that night, the house has remained unoccupied. However, the property remains in the possession of a private owner who pays the taxes. There does not seem to be a name or contact information affiliated with the property on public record . The house remains locked and never seems to have burglars . Even today, people talk about  seeing Saint Germain around the city.
Do you believe in vampires? Was he real? Certainly the story has inspired  many works of fiction.

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