Friday 29 November 2019

Bigfoot sightings

There has been a spate of bigfoot sightings this year .It has been reported for years that Bigfoot is roaming the USA .Here is an example:
Bigfoot Sightings Around Eastern Iowa
The Bigfoot Researchers Organization tracks sightings all over the country. Looking at Iowa, there have been about 76 listings of Bigfoot activity in the state
There were "multiple sightings on family property near Cascade" in Dubuque county in November 2015-April 2016

Well in total I've had 5 encounters the first one being about a year ago I was bow hunting and this big hairy man like thing just came up and sat right under my tree stand I was thinking about shooting him but I didn't want to scare him out of the country so I sat there quiet as possible then he just got up and trotted off. The second encounter was 5 months ago I was riding on my four wheeler and I went past a big patch of woods and he just stood there and watched me. The third encounter was 2 months ago I was driving home from work and he was retreating into the woods by a telephone pole. The fourth encounter was about 5 days after the third encounter and the bigfoot was walking through one of our old knocked down barns and I was out on my porch just watching him and he looked at me then he ran off and hurdled a five foot barbwire fence. The last encounter was just about three days ago and he was going down a trail in our woods".

Read more see map of sightings here:

The Bigfoot legend isn’t new. American Indian folklore in the Pacific Northwest includes stories  of a man-ape beast. Sasquatch, another name for Bigfoot, is a Salish Indian name meaning “woodland wild man.” The Ojibwe tribe, whose people have lived on the land that is now Minnesota and Wisconsin for hundreds of years, have their own words for the woodland wild man. The most common of those is “bagwajanini,” .
Bigfoot reports come from all around the world.
The Yeren, or Chinese Wildman, is a man-like creature , like bigfoot, that is alleged to live in the mountainous regions of southern and central China. Part of Chinese folklore, the Yeren are mentioned in Chinese literature that dates back more than 2,000 years.The creature is described as between five to seven feet tall with a body covered with red to dark brown fur. The face resembles a cross between an ape’s and a human’s. The yeren is said to leave a large footprints, about 16 inches long, showing a five toe print like humans, but with a structure more like that of apes. Sound familiar? Could be bigfoot being described.
Villagers in the jungles of the Indian northeastern state of Meghalaya claim to have evidence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch, reports the Indo-Asian News Service. Government authorities said they will conduct a "scientific study" to examine the purported sightings near the border with Bangladesh.
The Tlingit of the South East of Alaska call it "Kushtaka, the Den'aina of Central Alaska call it "Nant'ina." and the indigenous residents of southwest Alaska call it "Urayuli" or "Hairy man. Legendary accounts say that children who go out of the house at night get lost in the woods and are transformed into the Urayuli. It is said to be about 6 to 10 feet tall covered with shaggy, coarse hair with glowing eyes. Its arms are long and it is described as looking like a primate.It inhabits in the areas near Lake Iliamna.
The South American Bigfoot known as Mapinguari or sometimes referred to as Isnashi, is described as a tall black-furred hominid usually seen in the jungles along the 'Rio Araguaia', a large river in Brazil's state of Mato Grosso do Sul.
Australia has the Yowie. The Blue Mountains is believed to be the home of a creature known as the Yowie, basically Australia’s version of Bigfoot or the Yeti. There have been many recent sightings. Prior to the arrival of Europeans local Aboriginal tribes were certain of its existence. Aboriginal communities still living in the Blue Mountains along with some other locals continue to believe the Yowie might be out there in the vast expanses of Australia’s Great Dividing Range.
Russia and the UK also have reports of bigfoot or yeti type creature sightings.
With so many reports around the world why is there no clear evidence?
Theories of what Bigfoot is range from a giant prehistoric ape to a Neanderthal type human or even an ape/human hybrid. Wilder theories say that UFOs bring the creatures here or they come from a different dimension and that they can disappear completely ,leaving no trace.
If Bigfoot does exist ,and the prevalence of stories from around the world, suggest it could ,we need a proper scientific study undertaken to find real evidence and then laws to protect it.At the moment anyone could take a pot shot at what  could be a rare creature and possibly the last of its kind.

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