Thursday, 30 July 2020

Elves,Hobbits or Forest People?

Elves or Hobbits?
Icelandic Elves are referred to as Huldufólk (hidden people).They  live in rocks and cliffs where they keep animals , grow crops, go fishing etc. very like humans. The Elves keep to themselves preferring not to mix with humans. They tend to only be seen at times like Midsummer Eve.
These Hidden people are protective of their homes and will attack anyone who disturbs their peace. There are documented incidents where building projects in Iceland have been altered to avoid so called enchanted rocks and cliffs in which hidden people have made their home.
The most recent incident occurred in 2015 when a new road was to be laid through an enchanted spot in the lava field of Gálgahraun. Heavy machinery had continually broken down for no apparent reason and workers had suffered freak accidents. The construction company was forced to move the road so that it would bypass the enchanted area.
55% of Icelanders firmly believe in the existence of elves. They may be influenced by the fact that denying the existence of elves is believed to bring about a lifetime of extremely bad luck.
We may scoff at this belief in little people but could there have once been a race of small people like the Flores Hobbits, the Ebu Gogo.

Ebu Gogo is a small hairy human-like creature from the mythology of the people of the island of Flores, Indonesia.. They are said to be about one metre tall, their grapefruit-sized head covered in hair, pot-bellied, and with ears that stick out. The name translates as some thing like “thing that eats everything”.The people of Flores believe that the Ebu Gogo were alive at the time of the arrival of Portuguese trading ships in the 17th century, and some hold that they still survive but are rarely seen.Read about them here:

The Forest People of Central Africa known by their respective ethnic or tribal groups, such as BayakaMbuti and Twa,are a diminutive people ,short in stature.It is quite possible that other communities lived in different parts of the world leading to stories of elves and little people.There could still be some surviving groups like the Forest people living hidden from view in other countries. So elves or hobbits or simply the remnants of a community of people of diminutive stature?

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