Thursday 1 April 2021

Lake Monsters of Kentucky


Kentucky is a place we often associate with Bigfoot sightings but it has its share of lake monsters .

Lake Herrington

Herrington Lake is an artificial lake located in Mercer, Garrard and Boyle counties in Kentucky, United States. It has a  maximum depth of 249 feet (76 m), Herrington Lake is the deepest lake in Kentucky. The Herrington Lake Monster is said to look like a mix between a pig and a serpent and moves very fast. Described as   12-15 feet ( 4 to 5 metres) long with a body like that of an eel and a skin tone/pattern reminiscent of a speckled fish with  a stubby pig-like snout .Sightings of the Eel-Pig have been reported since the 1920’s,but  the sighting in 1972 by a University of Kentucky professor  Lawrence S. Thompson, who owned a lake home on Herrington, made it taken more seriously. He said he had seen the Eel-Pig swimming around the area on several occasions. Some people claim that during the flooding of the Dix River, Kentucky Utilities  opened up a passageway to a series of underground limestone caves in which this species of Eel-Pig lived and released it into the lake. The monster then became trapped in Lake Herrington after Dix Dam was built.

It is possible that a type of eel lives in the water with an unusual shaped head.

Lake Linville

 Lake Linville is another  man-made lake created in 1968 by the construction of the earthen Renfro Dam. It  has   a maximum depth of 36 feet (12 metres) .There have been various stories about something in the lake but  in September 2008 a warning was posted telling people to stay away from the  Lake.  The story said a bluish green snake-like creature with a long neck and a long tail and a head the size of a basketball attacked his canoe, breaking it in half and leaving him for dead in the water.  Others then came forward with their stories including this one from a lady,that happened when she was young.She said her and her family had seen men with guns unloading crates from a helicopter containing large snail like creatures into the lake.

So hoax or real, certainly some strangeness around Lake Linville.

Lake Calk

Sid Calk Lake, located in the Mount  Sterling area, is a private fishing lake which came to the people’s attention in 1967.

Three men   were night fishing when their boat got caught on something.One of the men jumped out to untangle it.  He thought he was standing on a log,then it moved. It  coiled up, splashed around and swam away  The men said it was a snake or snake-like creature as big as a telephone pole.

Several days later another fisherman was reeling  in his catch when a snake with a head as large as a trashcan snatched it off his line and swam away with it. Llater that summer a young boy spotted the creature, describing it as being 'long as a house,' and as 'big around as a man.' 

Since then there have been few reports. A giant eel perhaps? Maybe someone will get a photo in the future.

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