Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Bigfoot Fight?


Pair of Bigfoot creatures spotted by hunters who were paralysed with fear

A bow-hunter in the US has shared his story of running for his life from a "huge" Bigfoot creature, before supposedly hearing a terrifying clash between two massive beasts at a nearby river

Two hunters discovered a pair of Bigfoot creatures fighting in the wild and claim they were paralysed with fear after the sighting. 

Speaking to the Sasquatch Stories podcast, bow-hunter Mark said that he got close to not just one, but two of the elusive creatures when he was in the wilds of the US. 

He was with a friend and together they spotted the massive creatures, which measured around 15ft tall. They said that at first, they thought they could have been bears, but soon realised they weren't, as the Daily Star reports. 

As one of the creatures approached, the pair were terrified and were rooted to the spot, before they regained their nerves and ran away. 

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