Monday 15 November 2021

Yaquina Bay Monster?


Yaquina Bay Nessie

Yaquina Bay is a coastal community  in Newport, Oregon, The bay is a semi-enclosed body of water  with connection to the Pacific Ocean, but also diluted with freshwater from the Yaquina River. The Bay is traversed by the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

The  Yaquina Bay News reported in 1935 that two sea creatures, matching the description of a Kronosaurus (extinct aquatic creature), had been sighted off the coast, attacking local sea lions. It was dated June 13th and stated ‘seen by a couple ,no names given’.

Nicknamed Nessie, the Yaquina Bay Monster. A statue has been erected in the town of  a Kronosaurus, a plesiosaur that has been extinct for millions of years to represent the monster.

No further sightings seem to have been reported so was it a hoax? Anyone with further information please post.

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