Sunday 23 January 2022

Loch Alsh Sea Serpent


Loch Alsh Monster

Loch Alsh is a sea loch in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. The hilly country around Loch Alsh has rocks from Precambrian Gneiss, some of the oldest in the world, although very  eroded.

In 1893 Dr Farquar was boating on Loch Alsh with his wife and son.They saw something odd .A tall neck like thing was standing out of the water about 200 yards (197 metres approx)away.It appeared to be a gigantic lizard.The skin was brown and shining and it had a sort of ruff where the neck joined the body.Ripples around it seemed to show a huge body under the water. It sank below the waves leaving them concerned and confused.There doesn’t seem to have been other sightings and it would have been dismissed but this loch joins with Loch Duich.

Loch Ness fans will have heard of the Mc Rae film.It is said to show a close up of Nessie and is supposedly held in a secret bank vault somewhere. Few people have seen it. There was also a second Mc Rae film shot at Loch Duich .The creature there is seen in the film moving its head and has a longer neck and a ruff or tufted hair on its neck. However once again few have seen it as it remains with the Loch Ness film in a secret place guarded by a trust.

Could this be a similar creature to the one seen by the Farquar family? It sounds very alike .Until the film is released ,indeed if it even exists , we will never know.


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