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Malayan Bigfoot


Mawas of Malaysia

In Malaysia  the Orang Mawas or Mawas is a creature  said to inhabit the jungle of Johor . It is described as being about 10 ft (3 m) tall, walks on two legs  and covered in dark fur. The local Orang Asli people call it hantu jarang gigi, It has been seen raiding fruit trees and eating fish.

In 2001  while driving up Malaysia's main North-South highway, Eva Hawa says she saw a creature fitting the Mawa’s  description crossing the road in broad daylight

"It was hairy, it was big, it was about six to seven feet tall. He moved right across in front of my car. He has a hunch and walked like a very old man," she said.

Abdul Rahman Ahmad, had seen Mawa footprints 30 years ago.His late brother had been a game warden and they had seen them when walking.They were 8 inches (20cms) across and 15 inches (40 cms) long.They were like large bare human foot prints with a thumb type print rather than a big toe.

A report from the BBC in 2006:

 The  people of Mawas certainly seem to believe in the creature from which their village takes its name.Some, like Aji the boatman, say they have seen it.

"It was about 10 or 11 at night. I saw something, but I didn't know what sort of creature it was. But I can definitely see the eyes were red. And it made a noise, Woooooo!" Aji said.

"Maybe it was scared off by my headlight and I was scared by him so we both rushed off in different directions and later I came back and found the footprints," he said.

Vincent Chow, of the Malaysian Nature Society, had some photos.

"Based on what we've learned, this is the southern end of their migratory route and because the forests have become fragmented they're rather confined now," Mr Chow said.

Traces of the muddy prints were still on the road.

"They move around looking for fruits, sometimes they go looking for them in villages. They're also looking for a mate and for salt."

Prompted by the footprints and a recent spate of sightings, the Johor state government is planning a team to start looking for Bigfoot.”


Once again no definitive  proof  has been produced but the locals have a strong belief in the creature.In view of the amount of sightings  around the world of bigfoot type creatures every sighting should be investigated. Something is being seen by people.

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