Sunday 15 May 2022

New Hampshire Monster Tales


New Hampshire Lake Monsters

Spofford Lake is a 732-acre lake in the town of Chesterfield in southwestern New Hampshire, United States. In the 1980s a  diver exploring the lake stopped to rest on a log . The log was however alive and was a  22 foot long( 7 metres)  eel or snake which swam off. It was a  grey colour.So just a story?

Dublin Lake is a 241 acre lake also  in Cheshire County in southwestern New Hampshire. It is one of the clearest bodies of water and is cold with depths reaching 100 ft (33 metres).In  the late 1970's or early 1980's, a diver was exploring the bottom of Dublin Lake when he encountered some caves on the shelf floor. Going to  investigate the diver saw horrible  monsters that lived in the oxygen rich pockets in the caves. He was found shocked and wandering by some youngsters near the lake. There is no description  of the monsters.

So another story? It seems strange that lakes within a few miles of each other should both contain some sort of large marine life .Could there be connecting caverns/tunnels ? Until someone else is brave enough to investigate it will remain a story .

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