Thursday 23 June 2022

The Screamer



Drekavac,literally "the screamer" or "the screecher " is a creature in South Slavic mythology. In Eastern Serbia it has been described as a dog like  creature that walks on its back legs.

In Arilje it is depicted in form of a long-necked ,long-legged creature with a cat-like head.

In Sredačka župa it is said to appear  in the form of a one-legged humanoid creature with glowing eyes that wanders around during night time and scares people.

In Gruža it has been described as a creature having an elongated , spindle-thin body with a  large head.

Between  1956-58 it was resported frequently as being heard and seen.Described as a cross between a dog and a kangaroo.

In the 1990s appeared at Bashaid and people left the area because of the noise it produced.

It was reported again in 2001 .There have been no other recent reports.

Could  it be an unknown species of animal? It is certainly a strange one.



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