Tuesday 16 August 2022

Yorkshire Vampires?


More reports of Vampires in Yorkshire than in Transylvania

I came across this article from 2014.Being from Yorkshire myself,Whitby area I was intrigued,

A new study shows that there are more reports of paranormal activity in Yorkshire than anywhere else in the UK.

The findings were compiled by paranormal investigator Rev Lionel Fanthorpe, who says he has uncovered 11,000 reports of unexplained phenomena in Britain since 1914.

There has only been a handful of reports of any kind of paranormal activity in Transylvania over the same time period.

615 'paranormal activity' cases have been reported in Yorkshire over the last 100 years.

In the whole of Britain, 11,204 reports were filed, 206 of them referring to 'vampire encounters'.

The study was commissioned to mark the start of new vampire TV series called The Strain. It looks at 50 years of paranormal investigative records.

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As Bram Stoker set his novel Dracula in Whitby I am not really surprised.Looking up towards the ruined Abbey at dusk and seeing the seagulls flying about it looking like large bats,you can see how he got some of his ideas.Yorkshire is steeped in folklore and legend and I am not surprised people believe in the paranormal.

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