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Wolverhampton Big Cat


Wolverhampton Panther

There have been reports for some years of an alien big cat in the Wolverhampton area.Some say it was a pet released into the wild when the laws changed over the keeping of wild animals domestically.This report from 1994 is very dramatic.

Black cat attacks hunters

From the Wolverhampton Express and Star, 1st February 1994

An article reported that a black cat the size of a Great Dane had attacked an alien big cat hunter Nick Dyke and a female  companion in a churchyard at Inkberrow, Mr Dyke and his companion were trying to attract  the animal with dead chickens when it leapt into a nearby tree. According to Mr. Dyke, the cat  slammed into his head and shoulders, sending him flying backwards, then reared up and lashed out at his companion, gashing her rib cage before running away.

I was unable to find out any further information.The story continues however over a number of years.

In 2001 a large black cat was reported as being seen in Prints Wombourne, near Wolverhampton .Then large cat like paw prints  were found in a garden in the village.The same year in Astley, near Stourbridge a  large cat was seen and people reported hearing strange rasping and  growling noises in the trees.

The headlines continued:

Panther-like cat spotted in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton News Published: Nov 5, 2010

A large panther-like cat has been spotted in Wolverhampton, alarming eye-witnesses who have warned local dog-walkers to be cautious.Police are investigating the sighting in Wednesfield after retired union officer Andrew Hall alerted them to the potential danger. The 55-year-old was on the phone in his kitchen when he saw what he thought was a black bin liner stuck in a tree beyond his back garden.

"But as I talked I saw the shape move and realised that it was a living creature, about as big as a German Shepherd," said Mr Hall.

"People will probably think I'm a nutter but it was definitely a cat by the way it moved.

In Himley, near Dudley - A puma-like cat was spotted in the area. Around the same time two sheep were found savaged.


Then in 2018 :

A mysterious creature which some believe could be a lion, has been filmed roaming the streets of a West Midlands town.Dawn Paige said she got the "shock of my life" when she spotted the animal as she checked her security camera footage after someone had moved her bins at her home in Oldbury, near Birmingham. Standing at around a metre tall, the creature which moves in a manner reminiscent of a big cat, appears to have a long tail.



Panthers can live up to 23 years old in  captivity but tend to only survive 12 -15 years in the wild. However they would have no natural predators in the UK.So it could possibly be the same animal but unlikely.What do you think mistaken identity or living Panther ?

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