Monday, 21 August 2023

Hessie Norway's Giant Sea Worm


Hessafjorden Lake in Norway has a lake monster, nick named  Hessie.

It is said to be a huge sea worm or snake. It is claimed to be 80–100 feet (24–30 meters) in length and 1.5 ( 5 feet) metres thick.Also sporting a square dorsal fin .a massive snake like head with  brown coloured skin.

In June 1999 a local person saw Hessie eating a whale carcass through his binoculars. He ran home to get a camcorder but unfortunately the distance from shore meant little detail can be seen on the film. Other sightings had been reported in that era,the  1990s,  but most want to remain anonymous.

There is little other detail available but its size would make one think it would be spotted more often. Perhaps someone will get a clearer film in the future.

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