Friday 2 April 2010

The Creature in Lake Vattern

Lake Vattern is in Sweden. It is said to be at least three-hundred and fifty feet (115 metres) deep and is Sweden’s largest freshwater lake. The lake contains both phytoplankton and zooplankton and several species of fish including the Vättern char (Salvelinus alpinus). There have been stories of a lake creature/ monster living there since the late 1800’s. It is reported that when in the water it has an upside-down boat shape. It is not as well known as the other lake monsters in Sweden.

In 1897, an ugly creature walked out of the lake, onto the shore and terrified local swimmers. It had two short legs and later returned into the water.

In 1947 a Captain Egon Johansson of the tugboat “Hebe 3” was in the southern end of the lake on August 26. He reported that he saw two humps on the surface of the water. They were about forty-fifty feet ( 13- 16 metres)long and were about two feet( 0.6 metre) high. Then an airplane flew past and the humps vanished into the water.

In 1975, fishermen complained that “something large and unknown had ripped holes in their nets.”

On July 25, 2001, two people were watching the lake, when about one-hundred and fifty feet ( approx 45 metres) away, three humps appeared.

The two feet sighting is interesting and sounds more like a large seal of some sort, the feet being front flippers. The other sightings though are more typical lake creature sightings.There was an investigation by GUST I believe but I have been unable to find any results. If anyone knows more please post.

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