Thursday 1 April 2010

Sea Monster Sighting?

Sea Monster off the Coast

By Ms C Lionz  01/04/10  The Whitby Bay Weekly

Some American visitors reported to our Chief reporter Ms C Lionz that they had seen a strange creature in the bay this morning. They were walking at the end of the pier when one of them thought they saw a submarine. They all rushed to the end of the pier where they saw an amazing sight. One of the visitors Prof Nowall of Wahoona University described it at "3 or 4 humps, black and shiny swimming against the waves" They were unable to get any photos, so stunned were they by the creature. One of the visitors, a Miss Tellit, said she thought she could see an eel like head .

Prof Nowall has been so excited by the event , he has set up a tent on the end of the pier and intends to spend the rest of holiday there, armed with a telephoto lens and some salmon sandwiches. He has promised us the first photo. Good luck Prof! 


Anonymous said...

April fools?

Tabitca said...

LOl Ms C(sea) Lionz( lions) gave it away didn't she?