Friday 24 September 2010

chupacabra is back

Mission landowner claims to have killed a 'chupacabra'
by Ryan Wolf  9.23.2010 

A Mission area landowner claims to have killed a mysterious animal that may be the mythical 'chupacabra.' Frank Lozano said he shot and killed the animal on his land off Mayberry Road and U.S. Highway 107 around 3 p.m. Thursday.Lozano said he said talking to friend when he saw the animal walking through his property.The Mission landowner said the animal is very different from a coyote.Lozano said some of his livestock animals were killed last year but it's the first time he's seen the creature.The Mission man said he's saving the body and wants experts to take a look at to confirm what species it is. Source with photo here: