Saturday, 11 September 2010

strange theories about Bigfoot?

The five strangest theories about Sasquatch
There may not be actual giant bipedal humanoids wandering the wilderness, but that hasn't stopped Bigfoot fanatics from coming up with some seriously weird theories explaining all those footprints and blurry videos.While Bigfoot seems like a North American phenomenon, there are tales of giant wildmen around the world, from the Tibetan Yeti to the Australian Yowie and Siberia's Chunchunya. Could these creatures really be endemic worldwide? Or is there some deep part of the human psyche that peers into the wilderness and sees not something alien, but rather a horrifying reflection of what we could have been (and might still be) without the thin veneer of "civilization" we've wrapped ourselves in?Or maybe we're actually seeing invisible, telepathic, hypnotic other dimensional aliens.Here are the five weirdest theories of what's really going on when people report a Bigfoot sighting.
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