Thursday 28 April 2011

Chupacabra skeleton?

Are These The Remains Of A Chupacabra?
Submitted by Javier Ortega on April 27, 2011
Chilean workers believe to have unearthed the bones of a Chupacabras.In the city of Pucón, Chile, workers were stopped dead in their tracks as they accidentally dug up a bizarre skeleton. The remains are said to be out of this world. Described as having a cat-like head and the tail of a rat, the remains were accompanied by other smaller skulls of local rodents.According to the news website, La Cuarta, The family whose house was being remodeled (or demolished) were made aware of the finding and are terrified to death on what was revealed. The family is now looking for an expert opinion to help identify the skeleton. According to La Cuarta, the workers found the remains as they were removing the flooring of the house. The skeletal structure appears to be 30 centimeters long — so around 1 foot–.The remains are being showed around town, and many speculate as to what type of animal it belonged to. Cries of Chupacabras! are naturally heard in such cases were people are presented with ghastly skeletal remains.

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