Friday 8 April 2011

rats leaving the area

April 2011
Australian rats scurry to desert en masse after rains
A mass migration of rats is under way into the inland deserts of Australia after a run of high rainfall seasons, scientists say.The native long-haired rat, or Rattus villosissimus, normally lives in the Barkly Tableland of the Northern Territory and in western Queensland.But now it has been spotted in Alice Springs for the first time in 25 years."Some of them get up to about 30cm [12in] long - fair lump of a rat," livestock manager Chris Giles said."They will run around and hide under a little bit of shrub there, and you can get pretty close to them," Mr Giles, a stockman on the Northern Territory's Lake Nash Station, told Australia's ABC News."I nearly caught one the other day."
Peter McDonald, acting scientist with Northern Territory Biodiversity Conservation, said the phenomenon was a "huge event" which he attributed to a run of consecutive good, high rainfall rest here :

I wonder if cryptids migrate? With climate change and all the natural disasters we have had lately,could some cryptids  have either moved to territories new or become extinct ? Or do they stick to same territory where they feel safe, isolated places , isolated from humans that is.No one seems to have documeneted any evidemce of cryptids on the move ,that is seeing the same creature in very different places. If you know different please post or even if you have any thoughts on cryptids possibly migrating.

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