Saturday 18 August 2012

How old is Nessie?

The Long Life of Nessie?

Most people think that the Loch Ness creature was first seen in 1933 with the building of the new road. As you can see from the list below there have been sightings since 1527.
St Colomba
Duncan Campbell said he saw 3 men killed
Beastie in Loch (possibly River Ness not Loch)
Terrible beast in the loch
1600 and 1700s
Many reports ,no details, may have been soldiers stationed near the loch. There was a warship moored on the loch supplying troops at this time.
Floating islands reported but there are no mats of vegetation in the loch.
Reported sighting no details
Great beastie
(N.B. there is no documentary proof to support these earlier sightings only reports written many years after it happened)
Dr Mackenzie reported to police
Log like, then upturned boat
Children reported to police
Elephant coloured creature small head on long neck turned head side to side .waddled(on land)
E.H. Bright and cousin
Long neck dark grey. emerged from wooded area and left a wash where it entered water(on land)
Roderick Matheson to police
Forward moving in loch. Biggest thing he ever saw with horse like head.
Alex MacDonald
Early morning in loch described as salamander like
Not known
Strange creature in loch
Gypsy lady
Unknown except strange creature in loch
6 or 8 people including a forester, a ghillie, anglers and hotel keeper
Reported to police a horrible great beastie in the loch
No details only several people reported to police
It appeared in the loch at times and then it seemed to go away
A beastie in the loch
F.Fraser and 2 others
Hump in water like upturned boat tried to row closer but couldn’t get a close look
John Macleod
Long tail eel like head 30-40ft lying on the surface of the water, quickly moved off Inchnacardoch bay
5 Or 6 children including William MacGruer
Queer looking animal moved to the loch and vanished in the water. Described as camel like with long neck and humped back .(land )
Mrs P. Cameron and 2 brothers
Small head like a camel long neck humped back 4 limbs
1)William miller and D. McGillray
2)Alfred Cruickshank
1)Like an upturned boat about 10-12 feet showing, moved off in an arc and submerged
2)at night on land. about 20 to 25 feet long arched back with 4 legs and lighter underbelly skin elephant like(on land)
Mrs Cumming and D Gillvray
Motionless sank with a splash. hump size of a horses body
Several sightings
Including 3 young men in a boat, Ian J Milne, Alec Muir and several school children
Exact dates not recorded
Described as 2 or 3 small humps, moved in an arc
One on land sighting which left a visible trail of squashed moss
James Cameron
Hump like upturned boat
A creature has been seen in the Loch for centuries. As it surely can’t be the same creature ,there must have been a breeding family to continue to be seen over the years. The argument has always been that the Loch doesn’t connect to the sea and therefore no large creatures could have come that way to breed. There is new evidence to say that this isn’t true.
British and U.S. scientists claim they have evidence that the sea extended into Loch Ness at two points in history: after the Ice Age in Europe (125,000 years ago) and 12,800 years ago. A geologist working with a research team in 2001 noticed the clay on the anchor of their boat looked different from other deposits found in the same part of the Loch. Carbon  dating and amino-acid testing on the clay indicated that it contained clams  and sea urchin spines from both 12,800 and 125,000 years ago. This discovery would tend to lend credence to the theory that large animals could have become trapped in the Loch as the water receded back to the sea. Source: The Press and Journal (North Scotland) .
Food for thought indeed.Another  theory is that Nessie could be like some animals such as certain types of sharks that can breed without a mate. Whatever Nessie is , whether apparition or monster, she / he has been around a long time.

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