Saturday, 20 July 2019

1500 to storm Loch Ness?

'Storm Loch Ness' Hunters plan to find famous monster after Area 51 raid goes viral
Nessie hunters are set to descend on Loch Ness for an overnight raid in a bid to track down the monster.'Storm Loch Ness, Nessie can't hide from us all' kicks off at 3am on September 21, the day after the viral 'Storm Area 51' event.
Almost 1,500 keen huntsmen and women have signed up via Facebook to find Nessie, while 3,000 more are 'interested'. It's believed organisers were inspired by the latest 'Storm Area 51' craze where hunters in the US plan on scouring a special location to find aliens.Alien aficionados will head to a famous Nevada military base which is has been linked with extraterrestrial tales over the years.The man responsible for the Area 51 event has since admitted it was a prank after FBI agents appeared at his door.
If it isn't a joke and people are serious ,a watch on the Loch may prove fruitful with that many people around the Loch armed with cameras or mobile phones. Would like to see it happen but unlikely .

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