Tuesday 9 July 2019

The Prespa Lake monster ?

The Prespa Lake is a  freshwater lake in southeast Europe, shared by North Macedonia, Albania, Greece.The deepest part is said to be  100 feet deep.A monster has been filmed and photographed in the lake.
 In 2012 at the Greek area of the lake ,fishermen from the village of Nivica caused a sensation by claiming they had seen the monster.It was described like a classic long necked type of creature such as Nessie.
Then five years later The creature was filmed in the Albanian section of the Great Prespa Lake. The footage  appears to show the head and neck of a large creature emerging from the water.It submerges again and disappears.

Most of the locals don't believe that the creature is a monster . They believe  it to be a giant catfish.
 "I remember when a ship sank in Albania, near Mali grad, a lot of children drowned in Prespa Lake. Then I found out that the divers who searched for them saw great catfish," said Sima Jonosk, a Geography professor, according to Daily Star."They were so scared that they stopped the search. I think that it was one of those catfish that the Greek fishermen saw," Jonosk said.
Others believe it was a hoax to attract tourists to the area .Those who saw it swear it was real. The film is the usual unclear quality. What do you think, catfish, hoax or a nessie type creature? Scientists have long said that plesiosaurs would not be able to lift their necks in the way described so not a prehistoric relic but perhaps a new creature. I am inclined towards a hoax as large catfish do not look like the film but are said  to live in the lake. Large catfish are capable of dragging a child under the water and can be enormous in size.They are real monsters .


john said...

That pleasiosaur cannot lift their necks is a LIE.

Tabitca said...

I think you will find that plesiosaurs could not lift their heads swan like from the water.Read this post: