Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The Heber Springs Water Panther.

Heber Springs in Arkansas serves as a gateway to Greers Ferry Lake and the Little Red River. The U.S. Corps of Engineers completed the 31,500-acre lake in 1963.Greers Ferry Lake is known for  fishing and recreation. Little Red River is the home of the world-record brown trout.So lots of food sources in the area .
There is a legend of a monster in the area called the Heber Springs Water Panther. It is said to be a hairy beast looking like a cross between Bigfoot and a big cat such as a Puma. It can breathe on land and in the water .Its hellish screams can be heard in the forests and around Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River. However  there are no photos or recent evidence or sightings .
Bigfoot type creatures have been reported in other parts of Arkansas ,the north western area and Pine Bluff area.There is a history of bigfoot type cryptids but The Heber Springs Panther sounds an unlikely creature unless its a hybrid of a bigfoot and a mating with a big cat!

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