Wednesday 4 March 2020

A Canadian Blonde Bigfoot?


Old Yellow Top is bigfoot type creature reportedly seen in the area of Ontario, Canada.          Canadian locals gave the beast its name 'Old Yellow Top' after seeing the light-coloured mane and the blond patch of hair on its head. The sightings started in September 1906 when the town of Cobalt was founded.
A sighting  was reported in July 1923 when two experienced woodsmen named J. A. MacAuley and Lorne Wilson, were taking test samples for mining claims near Cobalt. They saw what appeared to be a bear eating  in a blueberry patch. Mr. Wilson threw a stone at the animal to scare it away. The creature stood up, growled, and ran into the night. They were shocked by what they saw. Wilson said that the head was kind of yellow and the rest of it was black like a bear, but he had never seen a bear like it before. One stated: “It kind of stood up and growled at us. Then it ran away. It sure was like no bear that I have ever seen. Its head was kind of yellow and the rest of it was black like a bear, all covered with hair” (Green 1978: 249).

In April 1947 a woman and her young son began to walk along the railway tracks into Cobalt. The woman was aware there may be bear cubs around with their mothers so she jumped when she saw a large dark shape moving toward the track. She saw shocked to see it wasn’t a bear. The creature stood upright and  walked on two legs “almost like a man,” but was entirely covered in brown hair. The creature ignored her and her son and wandered  across the tracks and disappeared into the woods.
It was reported again on August 4, 1970 by Amos Latrielle, Larry Cormack, and others. They said that their group of 27 miners from Cobalt Lode Mine were driving down a road when the bigfoot walked across the road in front of them, causing the driver (Latrielle) to lose control and nearly plunge down a rock cut. Latrielle stated that the creature, first thought to be a bear, had lighter  hair running  down to reach its shoulders, the rest being dark fur."I have heard of this thing before, but never believed it," Latrielle said. "Now I'm not so sure."

No recent reports have appeared. So was it a strange looking bear or a blonde bigfoot? There is no reason to think that if bigfoot exists it shouldn’t have different coloured hair just as some cats are black and some are ginger. Hopefully there will be more sightings or even a photo so we can see if it is really a blonde bigfoot.

Green, John. 1978. Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us. B.C.: Hancock House.

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