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A Kelpie in Loch Borralan?


Loch Borralan Water Kelpie

Loch Borralan is a freshwater loch in the Assynt District of Sutherland.It has with wild brown trout and char for fishing and is  popular with tourists.It is about 7 metres (21 feet) deep. It is said to be the home of a kelpie.

Usually in the form of a  horse, kelpies live by lakes /lochs and  tempt passersby to ride on their backs.The rider finds themselves unable to dismount .The kelpie then dives into the water,drowning the rider which it later eats. The kelpie at Borralan is said to appear as a white steed.

The story goes that   two fishermen went missing when fishing at the side of the loch.The only things found by searchers were a brace of fish and  two fishing rods.Large hoof prints were seen in the sand .They appeared to come from the loch and disappeared back into the water.

The Assynt area is a place of strangeness:

Loch Assynt is a few miles  inland from the  west coast of the Scottish Highlands in Sutherland. In 1837 two fishermen claimed to see a strange creature ,not once but twice.Also in the same area Loch Awe is a large fresh water loch . There have been stories of a creature in the Loch going back hundreds of years. The creature is said to come ashore during winter and can be heard growling and panting.

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Stories of Kelpies are common .

Map of lochs with kelpies

Do Kelpies exist or are they just folk tales? What do you think?

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