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Lake Chelan Creature


Lake Chelan Dragon


Lake Chelan is in  northwestern, U.S. A. The narrow lake goes through a glacier-carved valley . It is fed by the Stehekin River.Its length is 55 miles (88 metres) and is  estimated to be 1,486 feet deep.

It is said to be home to a monster.The monster was supposedly brought there in September 1812 by a Captain Chelan’s on his ship,as an egg.The egg was came from Captain Chelan’s childhood home in Fort Augustus  Scotland.The egg was said to be offspring from the Loch Ness Monster.

The Lake Chelan monster  is believed to be a dragon that  can fly..Local indigenous people in  the area have a long history of stories of encounters with the Dragon. Accounts claim that on December 2nd 1892, three men on the shore  were attacked by a Creature from the lake. It apparently grabbed one of the men and flew off with him.

The Daily Picayune of New Orleans, Louisiana, on December 4, 1892, published this account , “An Amphibious Monster.”

A most extraordinary story comes from Boise City, Idaho, which is said to be well authenticated.It says that while three travelers were at the upper end of Lake Chelan recently one of them went into the water to bathe. He was seized by the foot by a marine [sic] monster and was being pulled into deep water, when his screams attracted the attention of his companions, who came to his rescue. They pulled him ashore, the monster hanging to his foot.It had legs and body like an alligator and the head and eyes of a serpent. Between its fore and hind legs were large ribbed wings.The men tried hard to tear the monster from the foot of their companion, and finally tried fire, which had the effect of causing the animal to rise suddenly into the air, taking its victim along, and finally landing in the lake, where both disappeared from sight.

No further information was published.

In 1945 a school bus crashed into Lake Chelan.Everyone on board was killed. Divers were sent  down to investigate and recover bodies. They said they were circled by a slithery shadow, a creature  75 feet ( 25 metres)  in length. The divers came up and refused to return under water.

So a dragon or a large aquatic creature? Sounds more like a large snake or eel. What do you think?

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