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Scary legend named EBU Gogo
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Mysterious creatures, monsters and beasts of people around the world always fascinated, but at the same time chasing them and fear. Describe some of the legends being true, or they just invented people? Check with us to lesser-known creatures falling into cryptozoology.
EBU Gogo - it's a hobbit?
In 2003, archaeologists succeeded truly unique discovery on the Indonesian island of Flores. Discovered here is the skeleton of the creature that was only one meter tall and walked two feet. It is less than the chimpanzee brain, but nevertheless produced tools and hunted elephants. i. Excavations at Liang Bua cave continued until 2008, and archaeologists have found a total of 14 individuals from the period before 94 to 13,000 years ago. people were informally called hobbits, known novel by JR Tolkien. The researchers said it was a separate species of prehistoric man, who made no official name Homo floresiensis. Indonesian legend, describing the mysterious creature EBU Gogo, who once lived here and became more credibilityAccording to talking to said they were small, furry people with rudimentary language.. They inhabit the Indonesian cave even at the time of arrival of the first Portuguese colonialists in the 16th. century.
. EBU Gogo creature - in translation Forebears who eats everything, Indonesian parents use to scare their children when they obey. . After the discovery of skeletons in the cave of Liang Bua has already ceased to be a legend.
Chupacabra - genetic experiment?
On the American island of Puerto Rico, and later in Mexico and southern United States is already more than a century, appears mysterious bloodthirsty creature that its sharp teeth fiercely attack other animals. According to the testimonies they pluck the guts and suck the blood from the body, so this creature called the chupacabra, the 'vacuum cleaner goats.. Apparently, not only on local legend, but a real creature. In Texas, are in fact found several dead bodies "Chupacabra". In 2008 America was betty even police officers shot and the video. There are also some genuine photosWhat beginners is the chupacabra? zoologists is supposedly a cross between dog and coyote, or a hairless dog.. According to others it may be the product of secret genetic experiments. Kde. Where the truth lies nobody knows, but there can not be denied.
Orang Pendek mysterious opočlovek
yeti is one of the better-known creatures of cryptozoology, but hardly anyone knows the mysterious creature resembling a monkey and man. Orang pendek - the translation of a short man to occupy the island of Sumatra, but also Pakistan, Malaysia and North American forests. Legends of this creature has been known for hundreds of years. Has to go on being about 1.6 meters high, with very dark and long hair to the waist, with no face hair. Orang pendek is said also climb trees well, the hand has more than one but shorter legs.. This creature was looking for a number of expeditions, and some said they were successful, they found his tracks and he also photographed, photo nevertheless did not want to disclose. Zoologists say that the tracks that looked, not any known primate.. Similar to the track man, orangutan, chimpanzee and gibbons at the same time. Homo sapiens? It can thus in some places the earth has kept intermediate between ape and man Homo sapiens? The scientists say it can not be excluded, on the trail of Orange Pendekovi remain. Until further studies confirm or refute the tribal legends.
. Cryptozoology is becoming more popular as it once was, because even ordinary people are still attracted by unknown creatures.. What will the science successful in detecting unknown creatures, the less the world of legends and myths. And it is also the official results.
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