Tuesday 29 March 2011

Honey Island Swamp Monster in the news and a story of a bigfoot encounter in the woods.

Cryptozoologists search for infamous cryptid
By By Patrick Senn SPECIAL TO THE VANGUARD Published: Monday, March 28, 2011
In the Honey Island Swamp just outside of Slidell, La., about a two-hour drive from the University of South Alabama, there have been numerous reports for more than 40 years of groups of large creatures that resemble Bigfoot. USA PSI couldn’t resist the opportunity to perform a thorough investigation of a cryptid residing practically in our own backyard. There are several views when it comes to classifying reports of large hairy monsters. Of course, many sightings are soon revealed to be men in gorilla suits, or something equivalent; after all, who could turn down a chance at being the next huge hoax sensation? The two other most common types of reported phenomena fall into one of two categories. The first is the typical Bigfoot-esque cryptid, best explained as a kind of primate not yet identified by modern science. These creatures generally avoid people, tend to be between six and seven feet tall, and behave like fairly intelligent animals, often traveling in groups. According to John Michael Greer, Grand Archdruid of North America and author of Monsters: An Investigator’s Guide to Magical Beings, the other type is a class of supernatural being. Greer mentions that in keeping with the paranormal research community’s traditional sense of humor, such a creature is known as a Big Hairy Monster (BHM). BHMs are said to vary dramatically in size, shape, and features. They are often reported as having between two and six toes, glowing eyes, and fangs, and usually behave much more aggressively toward people than a typical Sasquatch. In accord with their supernatural nature, they are solitary beings who seem to appear and vanish without a trace. According to Greer, BHMs are beings that exist on a spiritual realm not generally observed by people, like fairies and forest nymphs of lore. USA PSI set out on a three-day expedition last winter to determine if the creature reported to live in Honey Island Swamp did in fact exist. If so, we would attempt to gather enough evidence to form a theory of what type of hairy woodland creature it might be.
The article ends:
In the next article we will explain the methodology used in our investigation, what we learned from the witnesses we spoke with, and other evidence we gathered during our time in the swamp.
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I also came across this story of a bigfoot encounter:
COLUMN: Sasquatch leaves a lasting memory by Chris Bush
One of my co-workers asked me, jokingly, if I saw any sasquatches on my recent holidays.
No, but ….
“The last of the twilight was fading, but the moon was full, so there was plenty of light to see by. What walked out of the woods was no bear.It was about 12 metres from us, not just walking upright, but taking big easy strides across the rocks. About halfway across the creek bed it stopped, as if it realized suddenly that we were there, and turned to look at us.It was nearly two metres tall and its body was proportioned just like a large man’s, except its forearms were a little longer than ours, so its hands hung closer to its knees.Its body was covered in hair, but it was so fine, almost like an Irish setter’s, that you could see its muscle definition underneath. I remember his forearm muscles being clearly defined and, yup, “it” was definitely a “he”.He just stood there and sort of regarded us for a moment as we gaped back in stunned silence. His face appeared human and was covered in an even finer layer of hair. His eyes were a medium shade and when I looked in them I remember thinking, “That’s a man”
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Encounters With the Honey Island Swamp Monster
Swamp Monster: Real Encounters in the Louisiana Honey Island

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