Tuesday 15 March 2011

more puma sightings in Scotland

By Joe Millican
Published:  11 March, 2011
A PUMA may be on the prowl in Moray, according to a group which investigates big cat sightings.http://b.scorecardresearch.com/p?c1=8&c2=2102&c3=0&c4=&c5=&c6=&c15=&c16=&cv=2.0&cj=1
Bob Wallace, the central Scotland co-ordinator for Big Cats in Britain, contacted the Northern Scot after receiving an eye-witness account from a person convinced she saw a big cat while driving near Lossiemouth on February 12.And he now wonders whether there have been any more sightings of the animal.Mr Wallace said the witness, who did not wish to be named, was driving when she reported seeing a large pale orange/yellow cat bound across the road in front of her car.Mr Wallace said the witness described it as being about the same size as a labrador dog, with a long tail and slightly rounded cat-like ears which stood upwards.The woman was driving on the Muirton road, and had just passed the airbase, when the animal bounded out and headed in the general direction of the Inchbroom woods, River Lossie and the cemetery."It came out of the fields to my right, crossed the road in a few bounds, cleared the fence to my right, and disappeared into the night," the witness reported."This was at a distance of no more than five metres causing me to brake quickly. My first reaction was what the hell was that, but upon reflection I am sure what I saw was a large cat."Mr Wallace told 'The Scot' he sent pictures of various large cats to the witness, and was told that the photo of a puma - sometimes known as a mountain lion - was identified as being the exact match.Mr Wallace said he is hoping to hear from any other witness."I would also be interested in hearing of any sightings in or around the Moray area, no matter how old they are. It all helps to build up a picture," he added.

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