Thursday 16 June 2011

Bigfoot Sightings

 Looking for Bigfoot? County has had its share of mysterious sightings
   By Judy Jenkins
Bart interviews those who report sightings and keeps track of how many sightings each Kentucky county has had since '97. Anderson County ties with Henderson County at 11 reports, and Carter County has had the most: 13. Four sightings are listed for Union County, and none for Webster County.The most recent report here is said to have occurred on March 12 this year in an area just off Wathen Lane.Three youths who were fishing in a pond said a noise was first heard, and then the creature was seen standing on the far side of the pond.Bart took their account and wrote, "I've found that children are less apt to lie than adults, more often than not."
In September, 2010, a lone motorist was driving down Baskett Lane right before dusk when he reportedly observed a large figure standing upright next to some trees in a small thicket.The motorist said the creature, who was estimated at between seven and eight feet tall, stared right back at him for a time and then disappeared into the woods.
Then there's an April, 2009 account from a woman who lives near 136-West.She said she heard a strange howling in the evening and when she went outside to try and identify the source, she saw an outline of a huge figure in the pasture next door.Her pit bull, apparently not usually afraid of much, "whimpered and got down on her belly and crawled back into the house...She refused to go back outside for over an hour."

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