Saturday 18 June 2011

Chupacabra filmed ,or is it a dog?

Chupacabra Found in Texas, Leaving Bigfoot as the Ultimate Cryptid
June 17, 2011 by Tom Rose
A Chupacabra was found in Helotes, Texas and the video evidence shows a creature only thought to exist in children's nightmares or as a ghost tale told by the campfire. Although scientists have yet to confirm an entirely new, previously unknown species, the pictures of the animal (called "goat sucker" in Mexico) and another found in Stockdale, TX leave little doubt that the bloodsucking creature, whispered about for decades, is in fact real. Chupacabras.JPGThe video below is a news report from a local station that shows the horrific creature, in rigor mortis, displaying the chilling anomalies that scientists have scoffed at for years. The unusually long fangs, the hairless skin, and, most disturbing, the opposable thumbs. Until now there have been no animals discovered, other than primates, which have that distinguishing feature.

Looks like another hairless dog to me.

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