Monday 20 June 2011

remarkable underwater photos of walruses,

I am the walrus (and that's the tooth): Stunning underwater shots of giant beasts at play
By Daily Mail Reporter
A wildlife photographer has taken these remarkable close-up underwater photos of ten foot walruses as he went eyeball-to-eyeball with them.Paul Souders, 50, from Seattle, U.S., was headbutted by the giant mammals - with 12 inch tusks - as he swam next to them.He travelled 3,500 miles to Spitzbergen, Norway, to take the close up pictures of the sea creatures which weigh up to one and a half tonnes. The photographer joined a three-week long expedition to the remote island.
'As the pack ice recedes in summer, the walruses haul out onto gravel beaches, sometimes in massive belching, farting and fighting piles,' explained Paul.'When they're not resting and sleeping onshore, most will swim out from shore to their shallow feeding grounds.
 Read rest see great pics here:

This gives some idea of what it must be like to meet an aquatic cryptid face to face , but cryptids would be more scary I think.

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