Tuesday 26 July 2011

mysterious behaviour of beaked Whales , is it relevant to cryptids?

Blainville's beaked whales, which are among the world's most enigmatic cetacea, go silent in shallow waters. Researchers have discovered that the whales refuse to communicate with each other near the surface.By becoming silent, the whales enter a stealth mode that prevents them being detected by predatory killer whales.The study, one of the first to record how beaked whales communicate, also recorded sounds made at the deepest recorded depth by any mammal.Beaked whales are deep-diving, toothed whales. Little is known about them, in part because they spend so much of their time in the ocean depths.Some species have been barely sighted, and scientists suspect there may be more species of beaked whale awaiting discovery.Also, very little is known about how beaked whales communicate or avoid predators. So Natacha Aguilar of La Laguna University in Tenerife, Spain and colleagues at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, US and Aarhus University, Denmark, conducted the first study into how beaked whales communicate when diving.
Read rest see pics hear: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/14254582

Maybe aquatic cryptids do the same and that is why they are so hard to find? Certainly these Whales were thought to be a myth at one time. They are a known animal rarely seen so how more likely is it someone would see an unknown animal ? The odds are against seeing sea cryptids especially on busy trade routes so it may be a while for anyone gets a photo!

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